Sep 05 2014

Aug 19 2014

Second root canal tomorrow


Feeble little pegs
Falling apart
Overwhelmed by insects
Who burrow to the heart and eat
Like insurrection
Usurping thrones
Slurping up the marrow
And leaving hollow bones

Feeble little bowling pins
Standing confident
Like sitting ducks, giving fucks
Won’t keep them competent

Feeble little yellow shells
Pitiful neglected nubs
Pangs of pain no pills can quell
Proof of neglect, ay there’s the rub

Jul 31 2014


Jul 30 2014
Drawed. Next draw.

Drawed. Next draw.

Jan 26 2014

Craigslist ad

Cool couch.
Could be cleaner, but condition is considerably copacetic.

Microfiber. Some slight staining. three cushions.


Jan 04 2014

January Facebook report: 

Current facebook conditions: Wildly optimistic, creative and expressive activity seems to be peaking during recent days. Perhaps the seasonally disaffected are riding the growing swell of a post-holiday mania. Humorous quips remain the most valuable and relatable content. All the rest appears to be simply the egos of the destitute peering out into the bright sky of artificial society, like groundhogs hoping the air is warmer and skies are clearer. Even I, self-imposed recluse, find myself considering sharing my inner-most self-ness with the people who see me but I don’t see, as I have almost invariably blocked them for annoying me with opinions. 

Dec 18 2013

Nov 22 2013

Lackadaisical Axe Murdurers

Massacre distracted passers by, passively and un-massively

Their limit is simply proximity,

Wile their time away with mild violence

Aug 09 2013
Driving to an appointment very quickly

Driving to an appointment very quickly

Aug 07 2013

Highlights of a few reviews I received recently

I paid for some reviews recently. By that, I mean I paid a small amount of money for people to criticize my hobby. It was a very enjoyable exercise and I will surely do it again in the future. Here are some highlights of the reviews of my song “Words”. Honestly most of the reviews were positive, but a few were gloriously negative: 

Okay, I only give this a one because I truly believe in effort. I don’t even know what to compare this song to, except that it is somehow rap with electric organ music playing in the background with lyrics that make little sense.”
This is extremely odd. The rapping is good, weird, but good. The lyrics are really cool, and the beat is good. I don’t like the little bit of singing, you’re better off not singing and just rapping, or getting someone else to do the singing. The flow is great, the vocals are good, and the lyrics are awesome. Just, don’t add too much more singing.”
Complete and utter garbage as a song. The lyrics are an annoying blur with one tone seemingly strung throughout. The synthesizers are incredibly distracting and annoying with a bad melody, composition and style. I could not pick out any other instruments, but the entire song lacked clarity and focus. It definitely could have used a lower volume for the background noise and was missing everything that makes a great song, despite the fact that the audio quality was excellent.”
Hahaha! I like it. Most of them were truly very positive though. Very happy with the outcome.

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